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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Islamic Terrorists Blow US KC130 Out of the Sky

Islamic Terrorists Strike Heart of America
Blow US KC130 Aircraft Out of the Sky



  1. 790 loves Trump!July 12, 2017 at 1:48 AM

    More fake news. No proof at all it was terrorism. More no proof fake news that promotes the false flag 911 agenda. This plane was supposedly hauling mass ammo. What could go wrong with that? Terror,,, lol what a load of bullshit,,,,

  2. More Crap From the Fear mongers Out There ! This Plane was a Old H Model And They where Noted To Having Wing Box Failer , Most Have been updated But some Still Have Not, The Marines Operate The Most Old Fleet of Anything Out there ! we should Be Concentrating On The Loss and The family's These Fine Soldiers left Behind , Not some Stupid Theory That a Nut Job Puts On Here !

  3. Well 1:48 AM and 8:44 AM - you got your comments posted. 'Theories' as you call it have been pronounced in the MSM as this plane crash and the resultant deaths of 19 Marines being an inside job by 'terrorists' - who could be anybody for any reason. Don't blame us for 'fear mongering'. We report what we get - you can accept or reject - but future insults to us at NESARA - as stated before - will NOT be posted - PERIOD. Don't give a damn what your 'opinions' are - we do this for free - as a service. Our website has readership worldwide, including in Wash DC, and has contributed to getting some major information and situations exposed. Intel we can provide at times has even been a part of providing a valuable service to those we are attempting to serve and protect. I personally have been involved one way or the other in attempting to peacefully turn this nation around since the mid to late 1970s via writing, broadcasting and public appearances, exposing the trouble makers for who and what they REALLY ARE (wolves in sheep's clothing - TRAITORS). We are not in this to promote ourselves and become ‘celebrities’ as others do. We don’t request interviews on Gary Larrabee and other sites (we are NOT speaking against those websites). We are here to serve and inform the readers. What you read here – take it or leave it. Contribute comments that make sense and help readers to form possible determinations of what really happened, or don't comment at all. It is no longer time for immature nonsense. Our nation is in BIG trouble. The enemy is among us and we are not referring simply to jihadi muslims but in part to those who bring them in and even recruit those among us, train them, provide them with high tech weaponry and PAY them. There are more than enough ignorant traitorous people in this nation hell bent on causing more trouble than the jihadi. They have been behind the problems since 1861 and continue. And consider the stupid American millennials. Don’t bark at us, posters of the articles! We are NON-PAID VOLUNTEERS (DOING THIS IN HONOR OF OUR FRIEND JOHN MACHAFFIE). Both of us are in POOR HEALTH and POOR AS HELL FINANCIALLY. Appreciate who we are, what we do and why we are doing it or don’t, but the slurs will NOT be published.