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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Emergency financial meetings worldwide

Dr Wm Mount
There have been meetings across the word dealing with the current financial crisis. We see:
1) A few weeks ago we discussed the IMF meeting where they openly discussed how to have a world with fewer and older workers. What this means is mass killing of younger people in a world wide conflict.

As soon as this was exposed they changed the subject.

This species, these Demon Possessed people who rule this planet are afraid of the people.
2) Shortly after this we saw Puerto Rico default on US Treasury Bonds - something they did last year
but this time it is known worldwide that the US Corporation is now bankrupt.

Puerto Rico is not incorporated and therefore part of the US Corporation - and it defaulted.

This is the End Game for the Cloward-Pivens Model. Overloaded with debt the economy collapses leading to Civil War and the rise of a Dictatorship.
3) At the End of March Oil Hedge Fund Contracts are now running out - allowing oil to be sold at $30 a Barrel not $80-90 a Barrel.

Banks heavily invested in Oil Contracts are now unable to pay on their own loans…and are extremely insolvent.

Banks like: Wells Fargo, CITI Bank, Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce (CIBC), and many others may be in over their heads.

Do they get bailed out again and cause massive inflation
or allowed to fail???

4)) Several weeks ago we saw the Federal Reserve taken over
by the Chinese.

5) On Friday we saw the Chinese Finance Minister meeting with South Korean and Japanese Finance Ministers at the Asian Development Bank’s Annual Conference in Yokohama Japan suddenly pulled
away and headed back to China for an:

“Emergency Domestic Meeting” concerning finances.

6) A few days ago we saw Huge “In Your Face” Voter Fraud in the French Presidential Elections to try and stabilize the Euro - as bank after bank in the PIGS Nations (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain and now Ireland) become insolvent.

7) The Massive Voter Fraud was created to hide the fact that thousands of German Troops are now in France and taken
control of their Government


8) Tens of thousands of Russian Troops have landed in Serbia to burn out the Dope Farms in this region of the world and destroy the Hasheesh Trade in Europe - or maybe stabilize the prices.
 Who really knows???

Hasheesh is concentrated Dope meant to send a person into orbit.

9) We now see Deutsche Bank nearing default on $70 Trillion dollars in Hedge Funds as their bank corporation are declared insolvent.

10) Last nigh we saw the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson meeting with the Russian Federation  Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov to sum up with solutions like:

>>>>…a) Blow 9 US Cities with huge 20 KT Conventional Firecrackers in Late May or Early September just before the Collapse, cancel all worldwide debt, and begin afresh new world.

…b) Re-collateralize the banks like was done in 2008 - continue to create massive digits to support these  Elites at the top while we at the bottoms see huge inflation and tax increases.

…c) Creating a New Treasury Note and allow the United States Corporation to move quickly into a Third World Status.

.,,d) Create a world Conflict anywhere in the world - Serbia,
Middle East, etc.

…e) Destroying the Saudi Royal Line to cancel $5 Trillion in Debt and having the Rothchild’s Banking System forgive the other $20 Trillion and continue to operate the US Corporation under   Bankruptcy Provisions run by the Asian CHIPS System under
the Chinese?.

Remember - the US Corporation ran from 1 March 1933 through
1 March 2003 under the provisions of Bankruptcy - answering to those in London.


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