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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

B.S. OR E.S.???

B.S. OR E.S.???

In an effort to address all the so called government agents, TROLLS, and shills that have a standard answer of BULLSHIT we present this to them...
Image result for bull shit
Image result for bull shit
Image result for bull shit
Image result for bull shit
Our next article preview for all B.S. commenters...WE PRESENT E.S.......
Image result for elephant shit


  1. So Nesaranews is going the way of the mainstream media now. If you can't respond intelligently to someone who points out that something you post is wrong. you reduce yourself to ridiculing them. Why do you think the mainstream media lost credibility? For this same type of response.

    1. I hate Trolls.. But get a kick out of screwing with them! Anon 7:27pm, thanks for the entertainment.. now go back to your CNN platform!

    2. Freewill, thanks for proving me right. Reduce this blog to stupid name calling and lose your credibility. Why don't you prove me wrong with an intelligent response instead?