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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

PedoGate PizzaGate Update

#PedoGate #PizzaGate Update - 70 Politicians & Elites In D.C., NYC, VA, To Be Arrested Next Week!

Updated February 4, 2017

This information compiled by AscensionWithEarth.Com

An updated list has been compiled with possible names of alledged Washinton D.C. Pedophile Politicians outed by the FBI insider who had previously predicted and helped the citizen investigations into #PizzaGate and #PedoGate.

The FBI Insider gave a quick Q&A to http://victuruslibertas.com below is the relevant snippet of information of additional names.

Q.  Good points. So, is PizzaGate connected to the West Coast.
A.  There is serious connection. Not necessarily connecting to the arrests we hope to see next week, but you may want to look into CES, and also NP and see if that politician has any Pizzadust on their shoes.
Q. Nancy Pelosi?
A.  No comment
Q.  Can you provide some more initials of politicians being investigated?
A . Sure  BF, MB, TK, DF, JM, LG  There are also journalists, pundits, money men, lobbyists. Many are being tracked down and are about to be exposed, arrested, drained. Some may off themselves when they realize they risk prison, ruination, loss of power, etc. ~ https://youtu.be/AMHAzGKR3AQ
Here is the new and expanded list to the alleged Washington D.C. politicians who are involved in the rape, murder, torture of innocent children.  The initials of the alleged criminal politicians names were only given by the FBI Insider, so this is the best guess right now until we can see how the arrests unfold in the coming week.

CES = Charles Ellis Schumer
NP = Nancy Pelosi
BF = Barney Frank
MB = Michael Blumenthal
TK = Tim Kaine
DF = Dianne Feinstein
JM = John McCain
LG = Lindsay Graham


February 3, 2017

DOJ / FBI Insider - PizzaGate Anonymous (ID: vUCvjosj) 02/02/17(Thu)23:48:48

Dropping a small piece of information, take it however you may. I will not provide any picture's for proof as I don't feel like clearing metadata. I likely will not reply back to any questions, unless they are questions I do not mind answering.

Information was finally submitted from the FBI to the DOJ today at 3pm. Mr. Sessions was briefed 3 weeks ago as to the investigation in its entirety. Once assumes his position, arrest warrants will be signed, and arrests will be made. This is also why the Democratic Party in DC has been fighting the Sessions vote. Panic.

Furthermore, starting Monday or Tuesday of next week, you will begin to start seeing arrests of individuals. Over 30 politicians (many are household names), and over 40 other individuals throughout DC, VA and also a handful in NYC. Some may off their selves before they are apprehended, so keep a eye out for that over the weekend, and you will know they are involved in some manner.

The child pedophilia ring / sex trafficking arrests California was not related, at least no evidence yet to suggest that it was. May be wrong has people begin to talk, or make deals on the matter. 4Chan
 Gary Larrabee

Politicians Named By Kent Dunn To Be Arrested For Pedophilia, Rape & Torture of Innocent Children

Chuck Schumer - https://www.schumer.senate.gov/

Tim Kaine - https://www.kaine.senate.gov/contact

Michael Blumenthal - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/W._Michael_Blumenthal
Some of these politicians will probably kill themselves before arrests take place.
The Royals to be arrested next.
Angela Merkel to resign and run to Paraguay

Intel provided by Kent Dunn via Gary Larrabee

This information compiled by AscensionWithEarth.Com


  1. Well there's been waves of arrests in Haiti this week, so there's that.

  2. Can't wait for CES & NP to go down.

    1. Me too seeker! This is not the only source reporting this. The corporate criminals in D.C. are stalling Sessions confirmation. They know. Hoping they will just have them served. There is more than one way to skin a cat! These monsters are going down! This is just the beginning. Buckle up. Start calling their offices. Demand answers. This is an international OP.. maybe they'll do the world a favor an off their sick twisted selves. This will not go away this time. These children need us. Send this viral.

  3. Believe it when you see it. The FBI is NOT going to give out information on an ongoing investigation and compromise it and any pending arrests. So this story is a lie. Why tip off those about to be arrested? It makes no sense. File this with the previous fantasy stories of mass arrests.

  4. It will be great if it actually happens but I'm not counting on it; at least not this week because Jeff Sessions has not been voted on, confirmed and sworn in as Attorney General yet and it doesn't look like it will be this week either. I hope I am wrong! When I hear he has been sworn in, I will be hopeful but I wont be expecting any announcements, by the mainstream media (fake news) or perp walks. So all we will probably hear is rumors, without any proof that arrests are taking place.

  5. I'll place a bet that nothing happens.


  7. The only reason I can see they'd go this route to leak information is to apply maximum pressure for these arrests to occur...They never confirm who will be removed.

  8. Soon as I Seen who Put This Out-I Knew It was "FAKE NEWS AGAIN"-Kent Dunn & Gary are Two CLOWNS-Making Money off "CLICKS"

  9. I agree Kent Dunn is a wannabe who just echoes others Intel as if it's his & often totally BS. Gary is just a sweet old guy staying busy.

  10. The arrests were apparently put out there for leverage & I do believe they will happen, quietly, for now. I believe Sessions was approved today. I sent him a tweet to, "Save our children". You all can do the same. Where there's smoke there's fire & too many pedo rings already happening. Trump hates the pedo's. In 2012 he said they should have a fair trial then death penalty. I agree.

  11. Thankfully none of this news comes from Kent Dunn, he scooped it off a bunch of anonymous insiders who reported this.

    Kent is a carnival who lifts everyone else's news.